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A large number of the people whose experiences we’ve found to be most meaningful tend to be people whose lives have been organized around an active, long-term engagement in design. Designers, as a group, seem to share several characteristics we esteem – they tend to be analytical, inventive, persistent, introspective, curious, and expressive.  Recognizing and wanting to celebrate these traits, when activated during the critical problem-solving process that defines successful design, is what compels us to record video of interviews with practitioners willing to share thoughts about themselves, their work, and, most importantly, why – and how – they do what they do.

We are fully invested in learning more about the people who make the things that interest us, and we strongly believe there are many others who are similarly intrigued.  If you feel the same way, The Invisible Museum of Design (TIM) was created for you.

what we offer

TIM exhibition cycles run for two months. Each main/gallery show presents original video interviews with two practitioners from a single field discussing their work and careers - including aspects of their creative processes and their individual approaches to navigating challenges and achieving success. Accompanying the videos, selected still images of the designers’ work are presented. For now, all of the site’s galleries are available to everyone visiting the museum, but in the near future the main gallery videos will be accessible only to TIM subscribers.

The museum’s open/gallery offers a complementary collection representing the full range of fields we cover: architecture, landscape architecture, and graphic, industrial, and urban design. For the inaugural cycle, this exhibit comprises a mix of still and video images of various projects found on the internet. What’s presented will change with the next cycle, when we will begin showcasing a selection of super-short videos submitted by and featuring the work of designers from around the world. Designers working within the museum’s five fields interested in having their work considered for possible inclusion in a future exhibition cycle will find submission guidelines on the be/visible page.

There is also an annex offering three additional collections: a bonus (shorter) interview gallery called off/the/grid; legacies, a gallery showcasing interviews with and work by emeritus practitioners; and a live-event feature called d/stream that will live stream design events starting in the near future. To receive upcoming event notifications, we invite you to join tim/mail using the pop-up, the “get in touch” form on the be/visible page, or via email at info@theinvisiblemuseum.com.

Our goal is to contribute to the understanding of design by presenting a fuller picture of its processes; talking with some of the minds behind the designs is our way of doing that.

upcoming exhibits

discipline 2019 - 2020 schedule

architecture may - july

landscape architecture july - september

graphic design september - november

urban design november - january

industrial design january - march