director’s note

This is TIM’s inaugural exhibition cycle. I’m delighted that you’re here for it, and it’s my pleasure to introduce this cycle’s exhibits.

The museum’s main/gallery features renowned architects Anne Fougeron, FAIA and Wendell Burnette, FAIA. I approached Anne and Wendell fully aware of, and more than a little awed by, what each of them had accomplished in their individual practices, having been familiar with and an enthusiastic admirer of Anne’s work for almost two decades and of Wendell’s for nearly a decade. Their pairing in the exhibit highlights that both inhabit an important place in the chronology of American modernist architectural design that began with Neutra, Schindler, and Wright in the early 20th century that has continued into the current digital age. Although speaking in marginally different vernaculars, their bodies of work serve as correspondingly critical links in the ongoing conversation among architectural pracitioners about space-making, materiality, presence, and habitation that underpin the formation of the modern built environment. The stories, experiences, and thoughts that these consummate professionals share in their interviews highlight not only their talent and dedication but commonalities that remind us that a sense of community is what empowers collaboration, that essential, sustaining force.

The open/gallery exhibit presents an array of images and videos from the five fields of practical design that are central to the museum’s mission. This cycle’s collection was selected based not solely on currency but also (or maybe rather) on being exemplars of specific issues in design. For that reason, they establish themes that will appear regularly, among others, on the site: accessibility, climate awareness, resilient design, and cross-cultural design. As mentioned in the visitor/center, in future cycles this gallery will feature work selected from the design community’s own submissions. For more information and to submit your work for consideration, please visit be/visible. It goes without saying that there will be an obvious bias in favor of design innovation, but commodity, firmness, and delight will have equal standing in this gallery.

I am tremendously excited about the three other galleries that nest in the annex area of the site: off/the/grid, legacies, and d/stream. While the latter galleries remain under construction, the former gallery is open for this cycle and presents a bonus interview, a short video of the two principals of Dust® Architects from Tucson, AZ - Cade Hayes and Jesus Robles. A collection of photographs gives further voice to their work.

While visiting the site, please take a moment to meet our eight-member advisory board, each of whom is in some way responsible for TIM’s existence. If you find something on this website that resonates with you as a designer or someone who loves design, at least one of these people was involved in bringing it to the museum.

Finally, just as I hope designers will submit their work for possible inclusion in the open/gallery, I hope that everyone here will share with me the names of designers whose work or careers you find personally meaningful so that I may follow your lead and consider them for future exhibits in one of the museum’s galleries. I can be reached via email at or through the “get in touch” form on the be/visible page. This museum was made for you. Thanks for visiting!

in design we trust,

lynne d. reynolds, assoc. aia