Bill Backus – branding
Lynne Reynolds, Malcolm Max Webb – videography
Malcolm Max Webb – video post-production
Jeroel Padilla – web design


Renee Deljon, Rene Yoder, Bill Backus, Martha & David Bills, JoAnn Edwards, Andrew Ramer, Ellen Melamed, Ted Bryant, Graham Cruikshank & Paul Hazell, Dr. Claudia Mesch, Dr. Richard Toon, Sara Cochran, Ron Carranza, Guy Mullins, Karen Lesney, Sandy Lomax, Tim Seay, Benjamin Hall, QianYi Ye, Kate Hastings, Aaron Betsky, Todd Briggs, Jesús Robles, Cade Hayes, Juan Navarro, Shawn Silberblatt & Chad Campbell/For the People - Phoenix AZ

Special Thanks

Anne Fougeron and Wendell Burnette are owed a tremendous debt of gratitude for not only giving their time and sharing their work and experience but for having been the first designers to see and commit to TIM’s potential.

A note about rights
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