The Invisible Museum (The IM) grew out of a lifelong dedication

to art and design – specifically the practical arts of architecture, landscape, industrial, urban, and graphic design. We aim to substantiate our abiding belief that we can, in an entirely digital format, successfully convey the intrinsic processes that underlie the mystery of creativity and contribute to individual virtuosity in these five fields. 

We further believe that

  • showcasing exceptional examples in these disciplines, augmented by audio and video interview with noteworthy practitioners, has the potential to stimulate interest, generate enthusiasm, and communicate hard-earned knowledge capable of educating and supporting others involved in their own efforts regardless of individual levels of achievement or experience – from the neophyte to the virtuoso.


  • maintaining a regularly refreshed digital destination that is wholly dedicated to delivering well-curated exhibitions and talks focused solely on the practical arts can provide a viable alternative to traditional “art boxes” that have struggled with public perceptions of their relevance and that been hampered by being physically inaccessible to potential audiences. 

Ultimately, we are certain that when you enter The Invisible Museum, you will see and hear about design as you never have before, and that you will have found an online destination designated for lingering, substantive insights, and sustained reflection.

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// Lynne Reynolds

// Bill Backus

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